Stress Release after fighting a Mammoth

Ever fight a mammoth, or stay hungry because you didn’t hunt? No! But I would imagine it would be pretty stressful trying to survive. 💪 Ever get stuck in traffic or have a really stressful day? Yes! Living in a metropolis like L.A, everyday is a matter of survival. Our bodies are in fight or flight, whether we realize it or not. 🤬 A prolonged state of fight or flight leads to PTSD, like our Vets returning from battle. This is why it extremely important to destress the body.

During stress, our body goes into fight or flight mode, releasing different sets of hormones in order to keep us alive. After killing a mammoth, what would you do? What do boxers do? Raise their arms above their head and give a nice roar.🥊 This mechanism dates back to the prehistoric caveman. Raising your arms above your head and giving a nice yell will help the stress hormones clear so your body can relax. 🐫 So when you get home today, or when you finally accomplish something that has been causing anxiety and stress , put your hands above your head and give a nice yell. Help your body flush those hormones. This technique works most of the time, however, sometimes our body just holds in the stress and signals us through pain. Low back and neck pain are common, this is when you should search for a "chiropractor near me", or just come to our chiropractic office in Toluca Lake. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work through manual touch is a shortcut to reducing chronic stress and helping your body escape the fight or flight mode.

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