What Changes Pain?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

" Thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions, past experiences, context, and input from your body all affect your experience of pain ".

Pain is a multifaceted experience, yet it is the oldest and most useful method for our bodies to function. Pain is the check engine light and it tells your body that something is wrong. it Is a signal for your body to get out of pain.

When pain turns chronic, due to the inability for the body to heal, stress or diet then that pain becomes a part of you, and the slightest touch will make it hurt. Therefore do not put pain to the side, come in for treatment to reduce pain, put your body in alignment and let your body heal. At Spine Rehab Chiropractic: Burbank, we specialize in family care chiropractic. Treatment at spine Rehab Chiropractic includes adjustments, cupping therapy, myofascial therapy as well as rehab.


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