This is a immune boost kit to be taken daily to prevent from infection. A strong immune system means that your body will be better equiped to fight off invading infections, and if sick better chance to recover faster. We are offering these three at a discounted price. From the usual price of $75.



1. Myco-Immune is a blend of six mushroom extracts shown to provide significant immune support.* The liquid form, dispensed by dropper, makes it easy to measure and to put in liquids for children.


2. Stress B-Complex contains an optimal balance of essential B vitamins, with extra vitamin B5 to support healthy adrenal and immune function.


3. Vitamin C with flavonoids optimizes the beneficial effects of vitamin C – including support of immune function and promotion of wound healing – by replicating the way it's found in nature.

Immune Boosting Set: Myco, C, B complex

  • Items are shipped within 2 days after your order via USPS first class mail. Delivery is usually 3-4 after order. 


  • No returns are possible on supplements. 

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