Advanced Health Plan is a package that is aimed at individuals that are trying to make a drastic health change in their lives and are ready to commit to the changes.


What this plan is:

-Start with a 10 day cleanse: Two types: Metabolic and Anti-Inflammatory (Read more below). 

-A 10 day kit is provided from Standard Process

-During the initial 10 day cleans, you are provided with dietary changes, recipes, what foods to avoid and what foods to consume.


-In this plan you are given 4 chiropractic visits a month, which include adjustments, soft tissue, rehab exercises all to help realign your spine and strengthen your body.


-Also in this plan you will be able to email us at anytime with questions regarding diet, supplementation, and any other health questions.


-A concierge type of service at an affordable rate that is meant to jump start your path to healthy living



What this plan is not:

-An easy 10-day program to lose weight, this needs commitment on your end and a willingness to change, because the path to having meaningful change is not always easy. 





-Results will be seen in the 1st month, however, for best results and lasting changes you must commit 3 months to a healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise (both physical and mental).


What is included

-10 day cleanse kit

-4 Chiropractic visits with 1 intial. Total of 5 visits. 

-Consierge type of treatment, always availble to answer any questions

-Dietary logs, and food recepies. 




Metabolic Program:

-Aimed towards individuals with Type 2 Diabetes or Insulin Resistance that have difficult time with weight loss.


Anti-Inflammation Program:

-Aimed towards individual that do not have the cleanest and healthiest diets, but are physically active.


Advanced Health Plan


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